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Children and young persons with Physiotherapy needs are seen by Paediatric Physiotherapists from the Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust who are based at our school three times a week. Physiotherapy is provided to children in line with the child’s Educational Health Care Plan, and/or their needs on Physiotherapy assessment.

School based Physiotherapy aims to maximise children’s gross motor skills development and independence. It also aims to optimise access to the school curriculum and participation in school life. It often includes teaching and training of educational staff, using specialist equipment and providing programmes and strategies. Some children also require specific rehabilitation at times during their school years, such as following a surgery.

Sensory Hydrotherapy

Water is a unique environment that provides gentle pressure, buoyancy, and soothing support that has many benefits for pupils with additional needs.

When pupils are surrounded by water, it can help them with sensory processing, physical exercise, improved socialisation and communication skills, and developing better self-regulation. Sensory Hydrotherapy is a unique way to help pupils with sensory disorders strengthen their sensory processing skills in three ways: hydrostatic pressure, vestibular stimulation, and proprioceptive feedback.

For some children, hydrotherapy sessions can support them to be communicative and cooperative. It can reduce anxiety and improves the ability to concentrate, giving pupils a feeling of confidence.

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech, language and communication development is a central aspect of learning and opportunities to develop these skills are provided continuously in every classroom. There are times when an individual may need a very specific and specialised approach to help them overcome a particularly tricky barrier to their progress. Our Communication Room is a dedicated space for individuals and small groups to come to work with our communication specialist, Nasim Ali. 


Sessions include activities that cover the key elements of language: Attention and Listening, Vocabulary, Building Sentences, Telling Stories and Conversations, through a variety of approaches such as individual work, group work, role-play, drama, music, games, technology and creative projects.

Children and young persons with speech and language needs are also seen by Paediatric Speech and Language Therapists (SaLT) from the Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust who are based at our school twice a week.

Movement Therapy

Our Sensory Integration and Movement room is used by our Sensory Occupational Therapist alongside our staff to help develop confidence and mobility skills in our pupils.


Sensory Integration activities assists in the development of the vestibular and proprioceptive senses. When sensory processing improves, it helps a child focus on the other activities in their life that may be challenging like learning, paying attention, communicating, and even sleeping.

A range of equipment and resources are available including a climbing wall and ceiling mounted swings. 

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