In a partnership over many years with WING (Way Out In Gateshead) Cedars Academy and Gateshead Kestrels have developed extensive experience in facilitating learning in an outdoor setting. The partnership with WinG continues to strengthen resulting in many more opportunities for both Cedars students and young people from local special school and mainstream settings to access challenging experiences outside the classroom. 

Cedars and WinG understand the importance of outdoor education and are passionate about supporting young people and disadvantaged individuals who have the least opportunity to experience the outdoors and utilise it to grow and develop.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) plays a key role in the advancement of student skills and confidence. It allows students to take part in adventurous activities in a safe and secure setting. Learning outside the classroom can take place in many locations, from the school grounds to the highlands of Scotland, or further to the ski slopes of the Alps. 

The key aims of OAA are to develop teamwork, leadership, confidence, communication and independence in a fun and challenging environment. It also allows students to access remote areas of the countryside and create lasting memories with peers. 

The partnership with WinG provides shared expertise, resources, equipment and accreditation to enable a growing number of young people to experience 'making learning an adventure'.