We are in the process of planning and building a new, purpose-built Therapeutic Centre ready for use in September 2021, accommodating the following purpose built facilities:
▶Sensory Studio
▶Sensory Integration and Movement Room
▶Soft Play Room
▶Therapeutic Creative Arts Space
▶Communication Intervention Room
▶Counselling Room
▶Speech and Language Therapy and Physiotherapy Suite


The focus of this new centre will be to support pupils who have specific difficulties around communication and socialisation, emotional regulation, emotional well-being, physical strength, stamina and flexibility and sensory


These are common barriers to learning for pupils at Cedars, so this is why it is important to provide a range of therapies and therapeutic experiences that are fully integrated into each child’s daily curriculum offer.


Learning to communicate clearly or make sense of the sensory information around you is a precursor to many of the skills we expect children to learn through the traditional National Curriculum.


At Cedars we see it as our role to support development in these areas as a core part of a child’s experience with us and not a ‘bolt-on’ added extra.