Hello, I am Martin Flowers, Chief Executive of Cedars Trust. I have been teaching at Cedars for since 1995. Before that I taught abroad in international schools in Moscow and Norway.

My focus is to help create a community of learning with opportunities for students, staff, parents and carers alike to grow to become intellectually, emotionally and socially 'Fit for Life'.


I aim to provide a structure and the opportunities for our staff to create a highly individualised, responsive, caring, supportive but challenging experience for all our young people; where the promotion of resilience, physical and mental well-being are at the heart of all we do at Cedars.



My name is Elizabeth Neale, Head of Academy Services and the Designated Safeguarding Lead. 

I coordinate support for students alongside tutors, concerns and strategies. The Educational Psychologist also provides links with some other support services and professionals from the Health Service.

The Academy has links with local colleges, Connexions, the Education Welfare Service, Social Care and Health and some areas of the Health Service including therapy, CLDT, and CAMHS. The Academy aims to work as closely as possible with all relevant agencies in providing the best overall package of education and support for each individual student.


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My name is Keith Vincent, Head of Academy Services.

I began my time at Cedars in 2005 as a newly qualified teacher having trained at a specialist school in the area.  I have worked across Key Stage 1-4 during my time at Cedars.  



My name is Michelle O’Reilly, Head of School.  I lead Research and Development at Cedars Trust working closely with colleagues within the Academy and across the region. Our aim is to explore and rigorously test educational methodologies to ensure we are using the most effective teaching methods for each of our learners and to share our research with the wider Specialist Education sector.  


I have been teaching at Cedars since 2004 and have taught in all Key Stages throughout my career here.  Before coming to Cedars I taught in a range of mainstream settings in the North East.


My name is Joanne Carr, Deputy Head of School.  I have been teaching at Cedars since 2003, working predominantly  in Key Stages 1 and 2.  I lead in Teaching and Learning across Key Stages 1 and 2 with a particular interest in the Foundation curriculum and Literacy, Language and Communication development.

Before joining Cedars, I taught in mainstream and specialist settings throughout the North East.


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My name is Julie Vincent, Head of College. I am also Apprenticeship Coordinator and Business Partnership Development Manager for Cedars Academy.  It is my responsibility to ensure that the curriculum within Cedars College is appropriate to allow our learners to progress into further study or employment options when they transition.  I also oversee the financial and administrative functions within the Academy and have responsibility for ensuring that Academy financial resources are deployed effectively.

I am also Chairperson for Cedars Charitable Trust which seeks to develop vital resources for the Academy and its partner organisations.  Currently, we are in the process of seeking funding to develop our sporting and extra-curricular accommodation at Ivy Lane to ensure that our learners and the wider community have access to the best facilities possible.

I have worked within Post 16 at Cedars Academy since 2010.  Prior to joining the Academy, I taught Business Studies at Sunderland College and worked in a variety of roles within industry.



I am Daniel Hearne, Deputy Head of College.  I began my time at Cedars in 2010 as a newly qualified teacher having trained at a specialist school in the area.  I have worked across Key Stage 1-4 during my time at Cedars and currently enjoy teaching maths in Key Stage 3/4.