Summary of Accreditation Offer and Results Summer 2020

On 20th August many of our young people received their GCSE and Entry Level Statements of Results.


The grades awarded have been based on their teacher’s predicted grade. They are a true reflection of their ability and potential in each of the given subjects.


This has been a particularly difficult time for all our community but it has been an acutely stressful time for all students completing accredited courses this year. We have been so impressed with their positivism and resilience during this most challenging time.


A brief breakdown of the results demonstrates significant achievement across all key areas of the curriculum.

Notably at GCSE:

Seven passes at GCSE English Language, all at Level 4 or above.

Three passes at GCSE English Literature, all at Level 5 or above.

Four passes at GCSE Mathematics, three at Level 5 or above.

Four passes at GCSE Science Combined (Double GCSE), three at level 5 or above.

Eight passes at GCSE History, four at Level 5 or above.


Notably at Entry Level:

Twenty five passes at Step Up to English

Eight Entry Level Certificates in Preparing for Work

Two Entry Level Awards in Preparing for Work

Three Entry Level Certificates in Humanities

Seven Entry Level Awards in Humanities


We would like to congratulate each and every one of these students on their outstanding results; we know that they have worked incredibly hard to achieve these results and that all fully deserve the grades given. They all should be extremely proud of their achievements. 


We wish them well for the next phase in their learning.

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