At Cedars we would like to ensure all of our children are offered a wide range of activities that extend beyond the school day. With this in mind, it is with great pleasure that we would like to offer all of our children and young people a range of afterschool club activities commencing week beginning 20th September 2021.

Please find Cedars Academy and Gateshead Kestrels afterschool club offer below for Autumn term. All clubs will take place at Ivy Lane and will begin immediately after school.


Children attending a Cedars club must be collected at the main entrance to school at 4.15 prompt.


Children attending a Kestrels club must be collected at the main entrance to school at 4.30 prompt.


Children at swimming club should be collected from Gateshead Leisure Centre at 5.00 prompt.

We politely ask for donations of £2 to be made each time a child accesses an afterschool club. (With the exception of swimming which is £4 per session.) This can be paid by Pay360. 


We don’t want any of our children to miss out so if you have difficulty making the donation or would like to request financial assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Keith Vincent