Full details of our plans for our provision offer for 2021-2022 can be found at:




Our curriculum is delivered through a multi-disciplinary team with a strong emphasis on an integrated therapeutic approach so that all students have access to regular, personalised and high quality interventions and therapies to support their emotional regulation and other barriers to learning.  


We provide specialised Sensory Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists to deliver specialised programmes. We also have a school counsellor, Sharon, from Kalmer Counselling to provide talking and play therapy.


We have staff trained in school to deliver therapies such as Rebound Therapy and sensory sessions in the hydrotherapy pool.

We use a therapeutic approach to music, art and drama.  These are activities that are delivered by our teaching teams so that students can enjoy exploring and experiencing creative arts.  Although we look to develop skills/knowledge wherever possible, the focus is on enjoyment, wellbeing and emotional regulation.

If a student’s EHCP or Health professional recommends a specific Music therapy, Art Therapy or Drama Therapy, these will be provided by appropriately qualified therapists/Allied Health Professionals (AHP).


The list below shows the range of therapeutic programmes we provide.  Many will be delivered within classrooms or in our new, purpose-built therapeutic and physical development centre.


  • Sensory Occupational Therapy

  • Tacpac

  • Physiotherapy

  • Rebound Therapy

  • Sensory Hydrotherapy

  • Sensory Regulation in our Sensory Studio

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Talk Boost

  • THRIVE – 1:1 and small group/class delivery

  • Counselling

  • Outdoor Learning (Forest School, OPAL)

  • Play based Interventions

  • Brick Therapy

  • Pet Therapy*

  • Music, Art & Drama for Wellbeing


~ Each class group is resourced and organised to meet the specific needs of the students


~ Teaching Teams are allocated each year by matching skills and knowledge of the staff to the      needs of the group


~ The class environments reflect the needs of the students with respect to not just their             

    ‘category of need’ on the whole, but their specific needs as highlighted in their Personal

    Learning Plans


~ The requirements of each individual student are determined through careful observation and

    assessment, as well as discussion with parents/carers and other professionals. Strong

    partnerships with parents mean that they are fully involved in the planning for their child on a

    day-today basis with class teams and parents sharing successes and areas for development


~ We use Person-Centred Planning to provide specific and meaningful advice and guidance            within the EHCP process


~ There are many opportunities provided for students across the school to come together

    through assemblies, break times, enrichment activities such as Forest School, inclusive

    sporting, outdoor and adventurous and physical activities, performances, interclass

    collaboration, shared educational visits, sports day, extra-curricular clubs and key celebratory

    occasions across the year as appropriate


~ These are opportunities for students across the School and College to get to know

    each other, practicing emerging interpersonal skills (first learned in their discrete class

    environment) and they also strengthen the sense of whole Cedars community.