Children and young persons with Physiotherapy needs are seen by Paediatric Physiotherapists from the Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust who are based at our school three times a week. Physiotherapy is provided to children in line with the child’s Educational Health Care Plan, and/or their needs on Physiotherapy assessment.

School based Physiotherapy aims to maximise children’s gross motor skills development and independence. It also aims to optimise access to the school curriculum and participation in school life. It often includes teaching and training of educational staff, using specialist equipment and providing programmes and strategies. Some children also require specific rehabilitation at times during their school years, such as following a surgery.

Physiotherapy always works in close partnership with the child, their school team, family and other school therapists, such as Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy. For example, if a child is learning how to print and is slouching at the table, it can be a sign of poor core strength—physiotherapy can help with the core strength while occupational therapy teaches printing. Likewise, if a child is having difficulties with eating, physiotherapy can support development of core strength and posture whilst the Speech and Language therapists work with the student to develop chewing and swallowing.