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To Provide Only High Quality Services: Making a Real Difference


Supporting an appropriate, challenging and responsive provision meeting all needs


Where analysis is openly shared and ensures effectiveness and consistency across Academy


Providing improved access and opportunities for life skills, employment and  vocational   pathways

To Support Leadership Development: the Right People with the Right Skills in the Right Facilities


Supporting excellence and innovation in driving improvement


Enhanced leadership roles and whole-community involvement in developing and implementing new and key initiatives


Where developments to facilities are to the highest standard

Building Strong Relationships: Together We Are Stronger


Care that supports learning and that brings confidence to young people and their families


Improved understanding of family & community needs, stronger parent voice and the development of the Family Team


Improved Educational, Training & Employment Partnerships, building coalitions for transformation


Refining our Business Model: Stronger as a Business


Multi-agency partnerships and our specialist provision is enhanced and our resources maximised


A commitment between people and organisations that have a vested interest in young people and in their education, training and employment leads to sustained improvement 


To ensure more people and organisations are aware of us, understand us, and can access our services