Our Sensory Integration and Movement room is used by our Sensory Occupational Therapist alongside our staff to help develop confidence and mobility skills in our pupils.


Sensory Integration activities will assist in the development of the vestibular and proprioceptive senses. Although therapy might look like a game, every activity is carefully planned and aims at achieving self-organisation of children. Through this play, our specially trained occupational therapist (or our support staff who will work closely with the OT) will make the activities more challenging over time, as they closely observe that the child’s sensory system is responding differently; that they are adapting and their sensory processing is improving. When sensory processing improves, it helps a child focus on the other activities in their life that may be challenging like learning, paying attention, communicating, and even sleeping.

A range of equipment and resources will be available including a climbing wall and ceiling mounted swings. Swings can have strong effect on the brain’s ability to process and use sensory information. Within a Sensory Integration room, our Occupational Therapist will be focused on incorporating proprioception, the awareness of where your body is in space, and the vestibular system, the sense of balance. Children with challenges in proprioception will outwardly appear uncoordinated. By exposing them to heavy work, like pushing and jumping, it will help them develop this sense.


Those who have vestibular challenges will find it difficult to maintain balance, but by using a platform swing, for example, it will help to improve this sense. By working on the proprioceptive and vestibular systems it helps those engaged in the therapy become aware of how their bodies move and how they can control their movements.

Although this room will be specifically designed for Sensory Integration Therapy, many of the other spaces with in the Therapeutic Centre, such as the Soft Play room, Sensory Studio or the outdoor Creative Arts Space, as well as the playground, Sensory Hydrotherapy Pool and The Stephen Miller Centre will provide many opportunities for sensory integration activities.