Cedars Academy prides itself on a variety of opportunities available for pupils outside the classroom.  Many of these opportunities are linked with sporting activities delivered through the Gateshead Kestrels. 

Every week pupils can join in with after school clubs such as swimming, football, wall-climbing, trampolining, Boccia and athletics.  Students are provided with opportunities for individual participation and competition as a team player.

Students and young adults who attend after school sporting clubs are considered members of The Gateshead Kestrels; this membership also extends to young people with physical and other needs in mainstream schools.  Throughout the year Kestrels members go away for weekends to represent the Academy or the region in regional or national sporting competitions.  

During the school holidays a Kestrels Play Scheme operates at Cedars Academy offering a diverse range of experiences for children and young people across the borough. 


Gateshead Kestrels key aims:

  • to increase the opportunities for children and young people with a physical and/or learning disability who live, are educated or work in the Gateshead area to participate, cooperate and integrate in sport, physical activities, outdoor and adventurous activities (OAA) and other leisure activities

  • to provide quality sporting, outdoor & adventurous and leisure opportunities for children and young people with a disability that is meaningful and relevant to their ability

  • to encourage and enable children and young people with a disability to develop and fulfil their physical potential

  • to promote a healthy lifestyle to all abilities

  • to encourage self-awareness, physical and emotional confidence through the medium of sport, physical exercise and leisure

  • to provide opportunities for young people with a disability to participate in quality sporting competition at both regional and national level which is fair and equal and respects their abilities

  • to provide quality and relevant coaching in a range of sporting and physical activities

  • to provide quality facilities and specialist equipment

  • to encourage young people with a disability to take an active part in the management and administration of the club

  • to promote and support leadership, training and employment opportunities and pathways in sport and physical activities industries