Immersive spaces are the next generation of sensory learning for special needs pupils. Our immersive room is totally different to a traditional classroom. It is not restricted by walls & windows but can recreate anywhere in time & space or the imagination of stimulated students.


Our immersive room uses high quality projection to create a strong visual wrap around. It then adds ambient sensory effects including dynamic lighting, wind, scent, smoke, sound & vibration to bring the imagery to life & turn it in to a shared virtual experience.


To this virtual reality we add interactive systems giving greater personal control & flexibility to meet individual needs. Levels of engagement, stimulation, calming & sensory exploration are greatly enhanced.


Immersive experiences truly supersede the sensory room as we know it, allowing inclusive learning for children of all ages and abilities. This flexible space can be used to motivate and inspire, calm and relax or make curriculum based learning feel new and exciting.


The flexibility of immersive environments mean that scenarios can be controlled in a variety of ways for students of all abilities to enjoy. Whether the environment needs to be soothing or stimulating, the space can be adapted to suit the individual needs of our students.

The immersive room provides a diverse range of sensory templates to suit all ages and abilities. We use templates to encourage movement, concentration and fun whilst developing crucial life skills. From enhancing the curriculum to providing physiotherapy through interactive movement, content brings a whole new dynamic to our work with our students.