We have a 6m Sensory Hydrotherapy Pool next to the Stephen Miller Centre. It’s size means that it is perfect for individuals and small groups to use ensuring the environment is always calm and inviting for young children or children who find public pools intimidating.

Sensory Hydrotherapy provides a number of benefits for these children with additional needs. Water is a unique environment that provides gentle pressure, buoyancy, and soothing support that has many benefits for pupils with additional needs.

When pupils are surrounded by water, it can help them with sensory processing, physical exercise, improved socialisation and communication skills, and developing better self-regulation.

Sensory Hydrotherapy is a unique way to help pupils with sensory disorders strengthen their sensory processing skills in three ways: hydrostatic pressure, vestibular stimulation, and proprioceptive feedback.

The Sensory Hydrotherapy Pool at Cedars has the added benefits of lights and sounds to create the optimal sensory environment for the individual. These can relax and calm a child who is experiencing sensory overload, or stimulate a child who is still very much exploring their sensory environment.

Sensory Hydrotherapy also helps them develop physically and become stronger. Because of the weight of the water, moving while submerged works more muscles at the same time than any other activity. Also, underwater, pupils have better coordination, a larger range of motion, improved balance, and increased physical endurance.

Hydrotherapy not only provides important physical and sensory benefits for pupils with additional needs, but it is also lots of fun. Pupils enjoy the activities in the water and the socialisation effects are important.

For some children, hydrotherapy sessions can support them to be communicative and cooperative. It can reduce anxiety and improves the ability to concentrate, giving pupils a feeling of confidence.

Sensory Hydrotherapy sessions are delivered by appropriately qualified and skilled Cedars staff.