The Governing Body is committed to providing a HIGH QUALITY and RESPONSIVE experience for all our children and young people

Across Cedars School and Cedars College, our offer is highly individualised, responsive and rich; it is focussed on the promotion of PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT, RESILIANCE, and the development of PERSONAL, SOCIAL AND LIFE SKILLS

“equality of opportunity is at the heart of everything we do.....we all can participate and contribute…”


As students progress through school the focus is on preparation for an extensive range of accredited routes and transition into a range of routes into FE, training or employment 


Our key target is to increase our CAPACITY FOR IMPROVEMENT by….


  • enhancing the skills for all...developing knowledge and pedagogical practice

  • building on our strong relationships with our partners, from parents and staff to local and  national educational specialists and providers, and

  • developing our own facilities and accommodation


Gill Morton

Chair of Governors