In our partnership with GAG (Gateshead Autism Group) we aim to put families and individual who have autism first.

It is our mission to focus on early intervention to help families cope with diagnosis and put strategies into place; education to make sure the right type of teaching and learning occurs; advocacy to voice concerns on behalf of a person with autism, and family support and outreach work for families affected by autism.

Our research and experience has found that no single method for teaching students with autism can be successful for all students at all times.

Cedars Academy supports the move towards combining elements of several approaches/interventions rather than adhering rigidly to one.

Eclectic approaches reflect the need to help the pupil come to terms with a range of conditions and events, recognising that to provide too controlled an environment may not, in the long term, equip pupils for life in the real world.  Indeed, eclectic approaches may have helped to show that there is a connection between sound educational practice and underlying theories about the nature of autism itself.

Cedars Academy have agreed a process to respond to the needs of an expanding population of students with autism in our school.

Impact of Autism: A guide for Practitioners