Ours is a community of learning, where secure partnerships create opportunities for students to participate and grow to become intellectually, emotionally and socially fit for life.

Our curriculum is highly individualised, responsive and rich; it is focused on the promotion of communication, emotional development, resilience, and the development of personal and social skills.

We place a significant emphasis on enrichment and activity, it’s positive impact on developing independence, cognitive functioning, emotional literacy, mental health and self-esteem.

As students progress through school the focus is on preparation for an extensive range of accredited routes and transition into a range of pathways to FE, training or employment, to enables us to:

  • empower our students to be actively involved in decisions relating to their futures

  • equip learners with the employability skills required to access the world of paid employment, supported internship, social enterprise involvement  or volunteering opportunities

  • ensure that learners have the independence skills required to access the community as independently as possible

  • develop skills that permit young people to live in the home as independently as possible

  • prepare our young people with the social skills and opportunities that reduce the risk of them becoming socially isolated into their adult lives

  • collaborate with the young people to develop strategies that encourage a positive mind set and better understanding of their own mental health needs and the needs of others