Cedars has worked with Kalmer Counselling for over three years. Their counsellor, Sharon, works with children at the school three days each week and is a familiar and friendly face to the children. Sharon is highly skilled and able to give her clients (our pupils) time and space to explore their internal world to help them understand their own struggles, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. She can also help them to work through their emotional and psychological developmental milestones. Relearning these stages heightens their awareness of the self and their own belief systems.


As part of the therapeutic process children will use a diverse range of creative media and play. Using these media enables a clear channel of communication to emerge allowing the child to naturally express, explore and convey themselves by using an avenue that is in essence their preferred way of relating.


Our new space for Counselling will be a safe place where children can feel relaxed. It will be homely, but also equipped to provide the range of resources and creative media required for the individual child’s therapeutic needs.