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At Cedars College we offer a broad and balanced curriculum developed in line with the Preparation for Adulthood Agenda. In this current academic year, learners will have access to:



As always, Maths and English play a key role in the importance of the progression opportunities for our learners.  All learners (with the exception of those having already achieved Level 2 or equivalent) will undertake three hours of English per week and 4 hours of Maths per week to support them to access the community and secure future employment opportunities.


As part of the Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development curriculum (SETPD), learners will undertake a work experience placement tailored to their individual support needs and future career aspirations.

Digital Literacy will be delivered to allow learners to develop the skills they need to stay safe online whilst also giving them the confidence to use online tools such as email to further their chances of being able to compete for employment.


As well as undertaking valuable, meaningful and appropriate work experience placements as they present themselves, learners have access to an allotment whereby they can gain horticulture skills to support vocational learning as well as in developing teamwork and communication employability skills.



Independent Living (including Independent Travel)

Learners will follow an Independent Living Skills curriculum or employability focused curriculum based on their individual needs, aspirations and planned destinations upon leaving Cedars College.


Units from the SETPD curriculum or Diploma in Independent Living Skills will be chosen to allow our learners to develop valuable skills to live independently; developing skills such as using a washing machine, microwave, iron, vacuum cleaner.  Learners will also be encouraged to prepare their own lunches and hot drinks throughout the course of the day at College.


All learners who are not independent travellers will participate in a supported travel training programme whilst in Post 16.  Staff will carry out a detailed risk assessment of the young person’s ability to travel independently and a judgement will be made as to whether or not they can progress to using public transport safely.  Learners who are not independent will also be supported where possible to travel on public transport to access work placements and where their curriculum presents the opportunity to do so.



Accessing the community (including society, friendships and relationships)

Learners will be encouraged to access the local community as much as possible with support where required.  Learners will access the local community during lunch time, to access the local leisure centre, for travel training and to access work experience opportunities. The creative media curriculum, SETPD curriculum and physical development opportunities will all allow learners to develop the skills required to access the community.  Non- curriculum based activities on a Friday afternoon will allow learners the opportunity to socialise with their peers and develop invaluable communication skills for life.  College staff regularly offer an extended after hours provision to develop social opportunities for young people that choose to participate.

Health (including Mental Health and Wellbeing)

All groups have 2 hours of physical development on their timetables to create opportunities for breaks in study time and to develop/sustain a positive mental health.  Physical development may include accessing the local leisure centre, walks in the local area, community based activities such as yoga or tai chi, depending on the preferences and needs of the group participating.  Access to a trained Counsellor will be offered where required and where capacity allows.  Access to our own allotment may also be incorporated into the physical development of the students.