Remote Learning Plan January 2021

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and parents or carers about what to expect from remote learning where national or local restrictions require entire cohorts or bubbles to remain at home.


Remote Learning Policy & Guidance

We aim to:

 - Minimise the disruption to pupils’ education and the delivery of the curriculum.

 - Ensure provision is in place so that all pupils have access to high quality learning resources.

 - Ensure robust safeguarding measures continue to be in effect during the period of remote learning. 

 - Ensure all pupils have the provision they need to complete their work to the best of their ability, and to

   remain happy, healthy, and supported during periods of remote learning.

Wellbeing Matters

The document aims to provide adults (parents/carers, teachers, support staff, senior leaders and others) with helpful information and links to support their wellbeing during lockdown.

Recommended Resources

Whilst there are undoubtedly lots of benefits to living in a digital world, it can also seem that there is so much information and guidance being distributed and shared, and sometimes conflicting, that it can seem overwhelming and confusing.  

Likewise we haven’t wanted to bombard people.   However, we do want to direct you to a few sites and resources that we think would be helpful to our parents, carers and staff.  

Please do take the time to have a look and feel free to share families and friends.

For some parents and carers who have already asked for specific help we have been able to personalise guidance.  Please ask your teaching team if your feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and we will try to direct you to specific guidance.

There are FIVE parts to these resources:

1. We have a school Pinterest page where you will find a wealth of activities for all areas of the curriculum and specific areas of development that you will be able to do at home with the things that you find around the house. These activities are great fun, but also highly practical and engaging. New content will be added regularly. You can find us at:

CEDARS Pinterest

2.  The second link is a very detailed 8 page catalogue with links to many excellent and professional resources, covering psychological support and wellbeing info, sections on how to talk to children about the virus, how to support yourself, digital resources for children, specialist sections for children with anxiety/sensory/OCD issues and also resources for children themselves like books, online material, all the way through to many educational online resources that should be helpful:

Resources and Information for Parents, Carers, Schools and Supporting Professionals During the Coronavirus


3. The third link below is a beautifully presented 4 page set of charts with a picture that is VERY helpful in segmenting aspects of life that are important. It has been designed to help people think about their day and provides practical guidance for families and adults; about ways of choosing together what activities they might do and how to incorporate these into the day.

We feel this would be a powerful resource for parents and carers. There are loads of suggestions to help parents engage with their children. Being practical, they also encourage some active self-directed exploration and in a way, this is a good time for children to acquire different skills, life skills and independence in particular:


4. The fourth link is one that we have recently shared with you all, but it is worth reminding everyone. There is strong evidence that connecting, remaining active, helping others and learning have a massive impact on our emotional, mental and physical well-being. At the link below you will find guidance, advice and tips on how to maintain your mental wellbeing if you need to stay at home:

Every Mind Matters: Looking after your mental health

5. Finally, some excellent wellbeing advice for all those supporting children and young people can also be found at:


Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families


RECOVERY CURRICULUM: Preparing your child to return to school: PARENT GUIDE

RECOVERY CURRICULUM: Preparing your child to return to school: STUDENT CHARTER

RECOVERY CURRICULUM: Preparing your child to return to school: STUDENT CHARTER (SYMBOLS)

RECOVERY CURRICULUM: Preparing your child to return to school: CURRICULUM GUIDE