Cedars Academy is a 3-19 special school serving Gateshead, and a few places out of borough when requested.

Pupils can join the school at any point in their school life, although the main admissions take place in primary and KS3.

As of November 2019:

Out of the 194 pupils currently on roll, 79 in KS1&2, 93 in KS3&4, and 22 in KS5; approx. 28% of school population are girls.

Currently we have:

  • seven classes in KS1&2, average class sizes of 11 children

  • eight classes in KS3&4, average class sizes of 11 children

  • Four groups in KS4/5, based at Walker Terrace, average group size eight students

We have developed the role of more consistent, ‘static’ classes and teaching teams within KS3/4 as a response to OfSTED Inspection Framework Review and our own changing need.


School population by banding/barrier to learning: Primary Need (Banding)

  • 39% ASD (7%A2; 23%A3; 7%A4)

  • 44% Cognition & Learning (2%D1; 5%D2; 26%D3; 13%D4)

  • 17% Social, Emotional and Mental Health (8%B2; 9%B3)