Society, Community & Relationships

at Cedars College

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Building Relationships

A large majority of our pupils report that they very rarely socialise with friends outside of school. This can be due to geographic reasons or because they need support in accessing the community.

At Walker Terrace pupils will encounter opportunities to socialise with each other in the community on a more regular basis. This could be through accessing the local shops/cafes on our doorstep with friends, either as part of the curriculum or during their lunch break. It would be determined beforehand, after discussion with parents/carers, whether they would have an adult with them, nearby or access these things independently.

The Community

Pupils will have immediate access to a range of work placement providers within Gateshead. Learners will also take part in accessing leisure facilities within Gateshead. This will allow access to a range of different environments and create situations for learners to meet new people and develop their social skills. In support of their entitlement to physical development; Key Stage 4 learners will still be able to access the new sports facilities at our Ivy Lane site throughout the course of their time at Walker Terrace. In the past, learners have benefited from accessing facilities at Ouseburn Farm, the Baltic to undertake workshops, local art galleries such as Shipley Art Gallery to participate in arts and crafts sessions and through Special Olympics where young people have both participated and held positions in a coaching capacity.